My first podcast, about my first sex party. Chocolate legs, a raccoon jock strap, and the squeaker.

 Chocolate Legs - My First Sex Party [10:47m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download


Searching for the best in sex.

I have had repeated interactions with sex partners – both men and women – that made me understand that others mostly thought of sex only in terms of getting off. Whereas, I am always looking to explore fantasies, play with power dynamics, and restrainment. I love to find ways to challenge and express myself with partners.

So who or what can meet this challenge? Once I exhausted Nerve,, Craigslist and the like, I turned to sex parties.

I live in a major metropolitan city. There have to be amazing, kinky, erotic places where one can explore and indulge in sexual fantasies, right?

I begin exploring sex parties in earnest.

I know a party is what you make of it, so I attend all parties, ranging in price, type, and exclusivity. I go to parties that are free and those that cost $500 with quarterly membership dues. I attend parties that are for women only, couples only, swingers, those into BDSM and fetish. I even include the sex parties that do not want to be labeled as sex parties. And I attend each of these parties more than once - the crowd, location, and themes often change.

So where will I find a place, person, or party to fulfill me? The podcast is my research diary. You’re with me as I find out.I want your sex.