Fairy Tale

Little Red finds her Big Bad Wolf and another single female.

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Interview on The Ropecast

Although I haven’t done much with rope, Gray still wanted to talk. And he got a lot out of me. Hear me giggle a lot over cocktails and talk about how not to be the creepy guy at a party and discover some more of my kinks.

Thanks for a good time, Gray. Hope we can do it again. Next time with rope.



Love and BDSM

Lesbian stalking, dildo workshops, love, and roving truckers.

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Dancing Queen

Music snobbery, bouncing Rockports, and a dual for the remote.

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My First Interview

The shock jock of science interviews me about my podcast. Hear me try and work out my beliefs about sex and love from a feminist framework to a scientific one. I also talk about why I began the podcast, avoiding STD’s, and the supernatural.

He tells me I am a sexual anthropologist which I quite like and couldn’t agree more.

So check it out at:


Episode called: Sexy, Sextacular, Sex: Mia from “I Want Your Sex” Podcast
Date: 5/7/08

Interview begins at 30:41 after the industrial goth music.


Adult Alternative

One hit wonders, ejaculation shame, cupid slave boys, Mr. Belvedere and stereotypes of male fantasies.

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I just checked my stats and am blown away by the number of listeners. So tell me what do you like, don’t like, what to you want to hear more/less of, topics to cover, etc. Do you attend sex parties? Would you want to? What are your thoughts on sex and sexuality?

Please email me at miaontop at gmail dot com.

And if you don’t send an email, that’s cool. Thanks for listening. I know you are liking it as there are the same amount of listeners per episode.

Episode #4 should be up soon. Getting a new mic so you can hear me better.



Wanna talk about sex, intimacy and the internet?

I have participated in survey like this before and was surprised about how much I learned about myself. This survey come via a friend and is not some fake email thing that makes promises of checks in the mail in eight weeks. It’s legit. I highly recommend taking part. xxmia


Are you interested in participating in a research study about women’s perspectives and experiences with casual sex or “hooking up”?

You may be eligible to participate in the study if:

-You are female
-You reside in the United States
-Are not transgender (any stage)
-You are 18 years of age or older
-You are able to read and write English
-You have used at least one Internet website in the past year to meet your casual sexual partners

Survey respondents are eligible to enter into a random drawing to win a $100 Amazon.com gift certificate. All answers are completely confidential but an email address is required for the drawing. Your email address will never be given or sold to a third party.

I am a doctoral student at the University of California, San Francisco. I am conducting research on women’s experiences using the Internet to meet partners for the specific purpose of “hooking up”. I am interested in women’s perspectives and experiences with these types of encounters and matters of sex and intimacy in general. The survey will take anywhere between 10-20 minutes depending upon the length of your responses.

If you wish to participate, or would like to learn more about this study, please visit the survey website:


You can read more about the research study, the survey and the drawing on the website.

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Exhibitionism + Voyeurism

The sex pit, canopy beds, and getting my rocks off with Gabriella.

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Secret Garden

Menage et tois bartending, a one dollar bill and a wolf tattoo introduce the cast of characters.

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